• Unclear paths

    Do whatever you want

    Are you doing what you want to be doing? This seems like a simple question, and it seems like most people should be able to say yes. And yet, many

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  • presentation-224107_1280 (1)

    Beware zombies!

    Are you engaged with your work? In my coaching, I’m talking to so many people who AREN’T that it surprises me. What’s more, there has been some research about engagement, and the bottom

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  • Canaries

    Don’t get too comfortable!

    The other day, I came across an interview with Brené Brown for Inc Magazine about the role of emotional vulnerability in leadership and entrepreneurship. If you’re a business leader or

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What clients are saying


Kent Green

When I first met Kristina, I was at a unique professional crossroads. My bachelor’s degree is in Technology, but owing to a lack of practical