Alison Caldwell Johnson

ACJWhile it’s still fresh, my deepest thank you. To have had that moment where it all comes together feels like its own blessing of the idea and of the process. Like the universe whispering, “Carry on.” And thanks for choosing work that is clearly such a good use of your strengths. I so appreciated your way – warm and open, professional and informed. Such an awesome combination. You created an environment that made it easy to say the ugly hard bits out loud, and then your insights and wisdom turned those bits into goodness. Goodness that I can actually use to move myself forward. I also really appreciate the width and breadth of your resources – the book and website recommendations are so helpful, and a quirky combination to be sure. Drawing on your own interests and knowledge base to supplement the session is so valuable. Kristina, thank you again. I look forward to our follow-up session. More, I look forward to the days between now and then as I do all this stuff!

Alison Caldwell Johnson, Creator of

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