Kent Green

KGWhen I first met Kristina, I was at a unique professional crossroads. My bachelor’s degree is in Technology, but owing to a lack of practical work experience and the tough economy I fell out of the field right after graduation, and was stuck outside for years. That is until I studied enough programming and related skills in my spare time, and blew everyone away with my demonstration of my Brain Machine Interface technology. Right after the demo, everyone asked me “What’s your goal with this project?” and I had no idea what to really answer; because even with an amazing project in my belt; I wasn’t even sure what kinds of entry-level tech jobs I might actually have a shot at! Kristina helped me develop a goal and strategies for finally breaking into the field I feel like I was born to do, and I’ll soon be starting a Tech Support job that pays about double what I was making before…but more importantly, will serve as the foundation for my new career.

Kent Green, Technologist