Risk and reward

Imagine putting something you lovingly made into the world and having it positively infect almost everyone it touches. It’s a pretty amazing prospect, so Pharell’s overwhelmed reaction to the success of the song “Happy” is not surprising!

I like it, though, because oftentimes we don’t get to see what celebrities really think and feel about their success and how they arrived there. The thing is, it’s pretty clear from Pharell’s emotional state that he is truly engaged in his work, which is a vulnerable place to be.

It’s always easier to move away from our fears than it is to move toward our dreams. “Should I spend my energy creating something people may not like today, or should I watch another TV show?” Well, it’s no surprise that so many of us get stuck in that unrewarding, avoiding space.

Completely showing up to your life and unapologetically engaging in whatever you do can be terrifying.

But it’s also the most rewarding and meaningful thing you can possibly do despite the short-term discomfort. Whether it’s being present in mundane tasks or doing projects that are meaningful to you, the best route to contentment is engagement. This can be tricky for some of us, though, because it’s not always clear what those projects might be!  Are you completely clear about where you’d like to put your energy? More importantly, are you putting it there?

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