Beware zombies!

presentation-224107_1280 (1)Are you engaged with your work? In my coaching, I’m talking to so many people who AREN’T that it surprises me. What’s more, there has been some research about engagement, and the bottom line is: the majority of US workers are disengaged! Whoa.

This is a big problem!

It’s not just because people feel dissatisfied and go through their days like zombies. Disengagement is linked to higher rates of health problems and overall wellness issues. Well sure, you might say, we’ve all heard about the negative effects of stress over and over, but *I* make it work. Everyone I talk to thinks they’re the exception and that they can still be productive contributors at work while gritting their teeth. This does not bear out in the data. Companies with more disengaged people have lower productivity, profitability, worse customer service ratings and on and on.

So, you’re not doing yourself or your employer any favors by continuing on in this state, but the problem can seem insurmountable.

There are always solutions.

People who are driven to find satisfaction and even joy in their work again can and do!

You absolutely can address your concerns and make your career a more satisfying, positive part of your life. The thing is, if you’re not completely clear on WHY you aren’t engaged, it’s hard to know what needs to change. As a matter of fact, too often what we THINK our challenge is can turn out to be a distraction from the real issue. This leaves us frustrated and ineffective at problem-solving.

Take Anna, For Example.

Anna (name changed for privacy) came to me feeling exasperated by one particular person at work. After some conversation and coaching, we discovered that the person in question was certainly difficult for Anna to work with, but she also had some core interests that just were not being met. Specifically, she felt her team and manager repeatedly fell short when it came to appreciating the difficult, complex work she did on a regular basis. On top of that, she realized that although she really wished her team would acknowledge HER more, she didn’t always take the time and effort to acknowledge THEM as well.

Armed with this information, Anna came at her vexing work life with a new attitude. She worked on building a culture of greater appreciation among her peers, and in doing so, she found it was easier to shift her focus away from that difficult coworker’s frustrating behavior.

What if you already know what you want?

Anna’s situation is a great example of someone having a blind spot when it comes to finding out why she was dissatisfied with her work life. Not everyone’s situation is the same, though. You may know pretty clearly what your issues are, and you just can’t find ways to influence your situation to meet those needs. As intractable as these cases may seem when you’re in the weeds with them, there is always a positive path to be found. A job or career change might be in order, or perhaps a long hard look at your values and priorities is needed.

The worst thing you can do is nothing.

When I read the statistics on worker engagement, I imagined a nation of zombie workers and I thought how did we get here?!


Most people work a minimum of 40 hours a week, usually much more. It’s really no surprise that low or negative engagement at work takes a toll on our health and well-being, but maybe even more importantly it’s a waste of one of our most precious resources: time!

I’d love to help you sort out the unique core issues standing between you and loving your job again. I’m offering a limited number of free 30 minute sessions starting now to help folks like you begin down the path to a happier, more satisfied career.

Ready? Great!

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